Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Small Kitchen

Our new home is a two bedroom apartment in Sunny North-West Sydney. Actually two bedrooms isn't entirely correct. The smaller of the rooms is now the Data Centre, Communications Room or Technology Hub, depending on the day. All well and good, except that the newest technology aquisitions, namely an ADSL Router, Wireless Router and VoIP Adapter, are occupying significant space on the small table that has become my desk. I don't mind - I mean, I've never had so many flashing lights in one place since, well, since ever - but it does cramp my blogger style a little. You know, when I'm needing all the space I can get to type plus hook up my camera, mobile and other USB essentials at the same time.

But the real downer is the kitchen. It's small. Very small. The total bench space is less than a square meter. That's less than ONE metre by ONE metre. And that includes the small strip next to the sink on which only the kettle will fit! This is certainly going to take some getting used to. I think I'll go back and read The Julia / Julia Project . She knows *all* about cooking in small kitchens!.

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