Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Dessert Storm

I actually cooked this about two weeks ago... but it's been crazy busy around here and I haven't had time to post. :-(

My dessert reportiore is surprisingly limited (strange considering how much I love sugar) and it is rare for me to cook anything sweet. However in this case I had two inspirations:

Ms Sarah's adventures with Nigella at

and the luscious peaches and raspberries on sale at my local greengrocer.

I couldn't resist. Armed with little more than good intentions, I set about whipping up something gorgeous. I started simply by finding a suitable bowl and dumping in four sliced peaches and the 150 g punnet of raspberries. A splash of white wine was mixed with (no joke) a tin of Heinz pureed Apple & Peach [7-9 months] and poured over the top.
The crumble was a little tricky. I don't generally carry flour in my pantry as I cook alone and always end up throwing it out. The only suitable substitute was a bag of toasted muesli lurking in the back of the cupboard (a vague reminder of a long-forgotten health kick). A tablespoon each of butter (melted) and brown sugar plus two teaspoons of cinnamon later, we were ready to crumble! < /lame >

30 minutes in the oven and out came....

OK so it doesn't look fab, but with a little double cream, this really was a Dessert Storm. :-)