Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Florentine Date Night

I like Wednesday nights. Since Without a Trace made its debut on telly, I've considered Wednesday nights my Date Night, a night when I relax and enjoy the company of not one, but three, lovely boys who are both smart *and* cute. More recently, Date Night has been expanded to include NCIS, though exactly why I find Mr Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) so appealing is a little unclear. (I'd love to invite Dr House as well, but to be honest his attractiveness dimishes in inverse proportion to the annoyingness of his minions. *sigh*)

Date Night is also an excuse to cook something a little special, or at least different. This week, it was a big steak. Marcella Hazan tells us to rub the steak with pepper and then trowing it strauight onto a charcol grill. Only once the steak is cooked is olive oil drizzled on top (after a sprinkle of salt and a rub of garlic). Served with a salad of spinach, roast tomato and roast eggplant, it's a winner!

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